Urban Apparel Trends for Summer

Urban Apparel Trends

Staying up-to-date on summer urban wear trends is easy. Key looks are meant to be casual yet sophisticated, with the primary craze being vibrant neon colors. These bright tropical hues are not so much in stand-alone items, but more as flashes. A red accessory here, perhaps animal print boots there – with an all-black base – is something that’s meant just to catch the eye.

Ubiquitous black remains a fashion standard, however it is accented with the use of neon pink, orange, and pastel yellows and blues. The one exception is the use of prints, which made a surprising entrance at most major fashion shows this spring. Leopard print snapbacks and leather snapback hats were artistically represented by many major fashion houses. This summer do not hesitate to try some of these rewritten 80s and 90s-inspired trends. Look to hip-hop artists for inspiration, as they continue to be a dominant influence on urban wear this summer. Many major recording artists shocked with their use of Hawaiian prints in street wear.

Urban apparel trends have always centered on hoodies, jeans and the perfect cap, and this season is no exception. Hats in fullback styles with heavy embroidery or embossing were all over the runways and the streets. A large flat brim is favored with a distinguishing mark. Sports caps continue to have a big presence, and personalized items remain especially popular. Fans of sports teams show their love with extravagant embroidered emblems of their favorite team.

Among sports cap styles, color is utilized on the brim and back, not just on emblems, to integrate the colors of the team throughout the cap. Snapback styles are most often used in casual designs, and fullback styles are used for styles that are more formal. A big look seen on the streets was to wear a blazer with a fullback caps. Celebrities also attended events with blazers and fullbacks, usually in dark colors with a vivid pop of color in their tie or other accessories.

The best part of this summer’s fashion is online availability. All of the big brands are available in online stores, and sales and coupons that are only available online can help save you money. Another plus is that major retailers make it easy to have all of your favorites sent to your mailbox, thus avoiding the hassle of a trip to the store. Most retailers include free shipping for purchases over a certain amount, so stocking up can really save you big. Limited editions that are only available and sold online can make you stand out in the crowd, and can also become collectibles.


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