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For most yoga enthusiasts around the world who would want more experience, Ulpotha is the best place to visit. Ulpotha is one of the most popular destinations in the world, the yoga and Ayurveda treats is top in the menu of the place. The village is right at the center of Sri Lanka with friendly and welcoming population, may be the Yoga practice has transformed the people who stay in this pristine village. This is the place worth visiting for a healthy relaxation and retreat, a visit to the serene village will leave you healthier than when you visited.

Yoga holiday:

  1. a) The village is usually transformed to a Yoga retreat destination for six months; every part of the small village is known for the type of holiday for six months every year. The holiday ends once the six months’ period is over.
  2. b) The specialized retreat center is opened between the months of November till March and between June and August, the yoga and other spa related classes are at their peaks during this periodic) There are specialized teachers who are known in the world for Yoga and meditation teaching, the teachers originate from anywhere in the world provided they are qualified, they are authorities in the fielded) Different types of Yoga workshops are held usually lasting two weeks, different schedules of therapeutic yoga are held with each attendee booking their respective sessions in advance. The whole class and accommodation with meals is offered as a package.

Macho retreat:

a) The retreat center is just within the village with similar activities with other neighboring counterparts, Macho is another quiet and serene place found in Ulpotha village’s) Macho offers Yoga retreats where visitors have to book their holiday there, the numbers who are taken are very few just 23 guests at any given time.

  1. c) Guests who come here are treated to the most natural life to improve their health; there is no electricity or running water in the village. Guests have to share accommodations which are unique huts with simple livings.
  2. d) Guests who come to this village have a package which caters for everything; the package of a moderate fee covers inclusive accommodation, yoga sessions, messages and meals.

Span Ananda:

  1. a) Span Ananda is another well-meaning Yoga and Ayurveda retreat Centre in the village with unique features, the Center is operated by a couple who are highly qualified in Yoga teaching and therapies. Bo and Shirley Seri are champions of the art.
  2. b) The Center offers both healing and education yoga sessions, the sessions have to be booked even by guests from far around the world. A full yoga teaching takes two weeks with accommodation and all services inclusive.
  3. c) There are well structure yoga workshops and classes offered at the Center, the training is available for yoga teachers and higher levels of specialized yoga practices.
  4. d) The Center offers specialized yoga messages for healing mixed with Ayurveda therapies, with bookings the Center takes many participants to yoga retreats to explore more in locations like; Angkor christened mystic journey.

Ayurveda treatment:

  1. a) Ayurveda is part and parcel of Ulpotha, every guest who sets foot there is automatically assimilated to the science of Ayurveda. This art of therapy using natural Ayurveda knowledge to message and treat the participants.
  2. b) There is a different type of Ayurveda treatments offered in the village centers, the Ayurveda treatments have their own Doctor’s to administer. The treatment is known to relieve pain and offer a relaxing experience to all attendees.
  3. c) World renowned Ayurveda Doctors and therapists often visit the village to offer the service, the treatment session charged minimally to encourage guests to use it. Treatment is similar to message with added techniques.
  4. d) The Ayurveda lesson and therapies are offered to guests; therapists teach on how to apply the principle of Ayurveda to keep their health and mind healthy all the time.
  5. e) Ayurveda treatments helps in detoxification process which makes a person well, the treatment can make you feel heaviness for 24 hours, but later on all becomes well. Accommodation:
  6. a) Accommodation in the village is very simple with guests sharing the simple huts, the Ulpotha Center has about 10 huts which guests use at minimum fee included in the package.
  7. b) The huts are made using traditional materials like wattle and daub, the huts are semi open to allow the guest be in touch with the nature. These huts are shared with the guests with bamboo curtains separating as curtains.
  8. c) The huts are moderately with a bed and mosquito net to cushion the guest from contracting malaria, there are mats for yoga and other mats where the guest can unwind) The toilet and bathrooms have water but cold water, all other aspects of life here is very natural with outside interactions.


  1. a) Guests have an opportunity to eat very natural food sourced from local environment, the food here is very fresh and full of life.
  2. b) The food here is strictly vegetarian with medicinal type of natural food stuff locally sourced; there is plenty of food in the jungle of Ulpotha village.
  3. c) The food is ever fresh which consist of lentils and veggies, cereals and vegetables is there in plenty, food is cooked with firewood in a candle or lantern lit environment.
  4. d) When a guest leaves the village, he or she will almost book another visit immediately; the food is ever fresh with green and clean environment.

There are many relaxing and fun activities available in Ulpotha Sri Lanka, the destination offers true mind recreational activities, Yoga and Ayurveda treatment is the norm in this lonely and quite village. The quietness and green natural environment further give the guests with healing effects of both spirit and soul. Get your Sri Lanka visas to be ready to go and relax and rejuvenate in Ulpotha.


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