Seniors, Why Pay More When You Can Get Discounts?

When You Can Get Discounts

When wanderlust hit Montana couple Alan and Donna Hull, they pack their bags and go where the road takes them- sometimes even to far-flung Egypt! If you’re thinking they are adventurous, 20-something, think again! This senior couple loves to travel all over the world and chronicle their adventures on My Itchy Travel Feet- their blog that focuses on travel tips for seniors on where you can go and what you can do. Like the Hulls, you may have always dreamt of a Mediterranean cruise or an African safari- it’s the perfect time now that the kids have left home.

And if you fear rising costs may play spoilsport, you need not worry too much. With a number of discounts on travel packages, hotels, cruises and insurance being offered to seniors, you can have that dream vacation you’ve always wanted- at home or away! Discounts for the Senior Bargain Hunter Reduced prices for seniors are not only applicable for travel, but for groceries, beauty treatments, at department stores, restaurant reservations, auto insurance and much more and are mostly offered by the AARP. And with even those in their 50s being tagged as ‘seniors’, bargains are all around you, says a post in the Examiner. All you need to do is ask! Here are 6areas where reduced prices are up for grabs if you’re a senior.

Travel Jet-set, road trip or cruise the high seas with plenty of discounts for those over 60. Discounted airfares, rail tickets and even cruise bookings are available for seniors. United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines offer special fares for seniors above 65 while Amtrak offers senior discounts for travelers above the age of 60. Dreaming of a cruise? A post on the AARP website offers tips on how to save money if you’re planning a cruise.

Hotels You’ve booked your flight tickets but haven’t zeroed down on accommodation? Stay in style at luxurious hotels like the Marriott and Hilton and enjoy some breathtaking views of places you’ve always dreamt of- all at discounted rates! Auto Insurance Why pay heavy premiums month after month when you can get a discount after your 50th birthday? AARP auto insurance offers discounted rates not only for membership with AARP, but also if you bundle home and auto insurance policies, take defensive driving courses, insure more than one car or install air bags in your car.

Medicines If medicines are a daily staple; you can be assured your medicine costs won’t skyrocket with discounts available for those above the age of 50. Save money when you get your prescription drugs at Walgreen’s. Free wellness programs are offered by Rite Aid for those over 65. Shopping and dining Stores like Kmart, Banana Republic, Clarks and lots more offer discounts ranging from 10% to 40 % for those aged 50 and over, says the Examiner. Combine dinner with a movie and you can save even more on discounted restaurant deals with an AARP membership. This Christmas, you don’t have to overspend on gifts with plenty of discounts available- check for information about specific days and timings when you can bag these deals on the AARP website.

Cellphone plans Verizon’s Nationwide 65 Plus Plans offers a discounted calling plan for those above the age of 65 while AT&T has a Senior Nation 200 Plan. Make sure you check overage rates, say MSN who give some tips on how seniors can cut down on cell phone spending.50 may be the new 65 for the seniority discounts that come flooding in, says The Wall Street Journal, but it’s also the new 30 and America’s favorite age by popular vote, says Today magazine. And why not? It’s an age where you can start claiming discounts on just about anything. From travel costs and hotel reservations to insurance deals, pay less as a senior.

While America has its seniors covered, it may not be the same situation overseas, warns an article in The New York Times. It’s better to check and ask if discounts are offered before heading out to a country you’re not familiar with. But for the most part, it’s raining discounts for seniors. If you’ve just turned 50, sit back and relax- the best years of your life have just begun!


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