Reasons for Young Adults to Consider Moving to the Countryside

Young Adults to Consider Moving

Large cities used to be the epicenter of American culture. Millions of people ventured there to pursue new opportunities. However, young adults have started bucking this trend. They have become disenfranchised by city life and started moving to homes in rural communities instead.

Why Are Young Adults Moving to the Country? Casey Coulter used to be a bank loan officer in the big city. She has since quit her job and moved to Montana to become a farmer. Many other millennials are making similar decisions. They feel that the big city isn’t as alluring as it once seemed. Here are some reasons that Coulter and other young adults are moving to the country.

Opportunities in Agricultural Industry Young adults are facing a miserable job market. They are forced to consider career opportunities they never expected. Many millennials are looking for work in the agricultural industry in Montana and other Midwestern states. The average farmer is about 60 years old. The nation could face a major food shortage as many of them retire, so the agricultural industry is looking for young adults to fill the gap.

Reduced Cost of Home Ownership Only about 13% of young adults are homeowners. Many would like to purchase a home, but can’t afford to do so in most metropolitan areas. Fortunately, the costs of homeownership are much lower in the country. Many young adults are buying their own home in the Midwest. Others are using companies such as JDL Construction to build homes for the. Moving to the country may be one of the only ways that young adults can afford to buy their own homes, so the number of migrants is expected to rise in the months to come.

Outdoor Adventures Young adults are traditionally interested in the excitement the city provides. However, many of them have started to grow wary of that lifestyle. This is especially true for young adults in their late 20s and early 30s. More millennials are turning away from traditional big city life to enjoy a different lifestyle.

Montana is a great destination for people that enjoy hiking, fly fishing, hunting and other adventurous activities. Many young adults have stated that they are happy they decided to move there. Low Stress Lifestyle Baby boomers were serious go-getters that were driven by the opportunity to make a lot of money. They moved to New York and other large cities to pursue careers in investment banking and other lucrative professions.

However, many millennials have much different priorities than their parents. They prefer to focus on having a higher quality of life than joining the rat race. They have a difficult time dealing with the stress of big city life, which is why the country can be so appealing to them.

Consider Moving to the Countryside If you are a young adult and don’t enjoy big city life, then you may want to move to the countryside. You can buy or build a great home for an affordable price. There are a number of great opportunities that you may want to take advantage if the big city lifestyle isn’t for you.


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