Moving During the Winter

Moving During the Winter

When you consider a big or small move it is always difficult to plan everything to go perfectly. Whether a box has it out for you and plans to break or someone who told you they would help you move didn’t turn up after all something will always come up. But what if on top of all that you had to account for the unpredictability of winter, too? One of the most common difficulties you may face during a move in the winter is unexpected snow and rain. Let’s cover some of the basic tasks to tackle during your move.

Watch the Weather Let’s be honest: there’s no better disaster prevention than watching the weather like a groundhog in the spring. Although weather reports aren’t always accurate, there’s nothing like overlooking a predicted snowstorm or blizzard to hinder your move. If your move day’s forecast is bleak, call your moving company to see how it could affect their scheduling.

If your schedule is too tight for an unexpected delay, nothing keeps you on track like packing ahead of time and either storing boxes at a storage facility or having movers transport your belongings ahead of you.

Because renting a moving truck can sometimes be a headache, using a portable storage and moving company can ensure that you are able to start packing on-time or even ahead of schedule. With this type of service a portable unit is delivered to your home. You pack at your convenience and then have the unit shipped when you are done packing.

Protect Your Home’s Interior Okay, so you have your schedule down to the tee. But have you safeguarded your home for the move? Sure, you may be moving out, but any damage you cause on the move out can be costly or even detrimental to your relocation plans. During winter, where snow and melt are dragged indoors, your home is at even a greater risk of damage.

You can use old towels or extra cardboard boxes to line your floors. And while plastic sheets may be a good option, they may present a tripping hazard on wood or marble if not properly taped down.

From the Door to the Truck: Planning a Route It may sound unnecessary but planning a route from each room in your home to the moving truck or portable unit means that you will be able to pack everything more efficiently. It will also help you complete your move more quickly and spend less time in the cold. In addition to lining the interior of your home, it is a good idea to do the same on the outside. Salt the route to your moving truck and clear the path of snow and ice. Cardboard is also a good idea when making your path.

Additionally, knowing which rooms you will be clearing out first can help you ensure low priority items are in the back of the truck when you started unpacking. Prep Warm Drinks Whether you’re bundled up or have your home’s heaters on full blast, having a few warm drinks on hand can keep you and your movers from getting sick. While coffee may sound like a good idea, it would be best to avoid drinks with a lot of caffeine, which can leave you sluggish later in the day. Non-caffeine teas and hot chocolate are the way to go.

Travel Route and Preparedness When you decide to move, you should have a planned route to from your old home to the new place because snow storms and traffic can throw a wrench in your plans. It is a good idea to pick a quick and easy route. It is also important to have your car in tip top condition. Be sure to have winterize your car and ensure fluids are topped off. You can also keep salt, an emergency blanket, and shovel on hand in case of an emergency.

Hiring Professionals for Your Move Moving is hard. Moving in the winter is harder. Professional movers are a good idea for moving from one place to another in the winter. To avoid any potential problems during your move research movers in your area.

Finding a reputable moving company means running a pseudo-interview by phone. Find out what movers do to prepare for a winter move, if they plan to bring any materials to ensure your home is not damaged in the move, and what guarantees they have, Remember, moving will always have its difficulties. This has never been truer than during the winter months. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps for a smooth transition into that fine spring months.


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