10 Songs to Listen while Travelling

Songs to Listen while Travelling

Whenever you are packing for any trip, short or long, there are numerous necessities you go through. You will look forward keeping all the essential things that you may require but there is one very simple & small thing that majority of people will never forget carrying with them. This thing is their music system whether an iPod or in their cell phone or anything else. This has been a regular habit of populace ever since such music systems came into existence. Earlier it used to be a Walkman then disc man, then music players in mobile and oh yes how to forget iPod. Listening music while travelling has two positive impacts due to which they are a hot favorite among people.

It is the best way to stave off your boredom It is more of a unique sensory aide that lightens & enhances the ambiance Now here we are providing the top 10 songs to listen while travelling. These are my favorites and I am sure for most of yours too. Have a look at the 10 songs to listen while travelling –Tumi Ho Bandh – This is actually my all-time favorite and I personally can’t have enough of it. From movie Cocktail, this beautiful track is by Kavita Seth and Neeraj Sridhar. It is a must to have while travelling due to its awesome beats and remarkable music.

Teenage Dream – This title track by famous Kate Perry from the album Teenage Dream is one of my favorites when it comes to passing time during travelling. Betimes Dill – This breathtaking song from the movie Yen Janani Hai Deewan is totally rocking with fast music and fast rhythmic beats. It is by Shefali Alvearies and Benny Ayapana da Rang – This wonderful track from the funny movie Vicky Donor is a perfect blend of sweet music, incredible lyrics and of course wonderful voice of Ashman Khorana.

 The song is sung by Ashman himself. Love the Way You Lie – This is not my all-time favorite but for travelling yes, it is suing to its fast rhythms and yes of course Rihanna’s voice. It is from Eminem’s album Recovery.

Zindiq Do Pal Ki – This lovely music track from the movie Kites is just so amazing that you can’t simply have enough of it. KK has just created a master piece and when travelling it comes as a bonito Ho – Personally I love all the songs from movie Rockstar. They all seem to be finely handpicked and then polished by God of music himself. But this particular one is unbelievable romantic, soft and just shivers you from inner soul. Plus, the voice of Mohite Chauhan.


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